about Energy Security and Climate Policy Programme

Poland since 1989 is under constant transition – political, social and economical. None of the following – joining NATO, UE, several economical reforms has been accompanied by a change of ways of thinking in policy-making. The current model is still characteristic for countries in transition, which means that the perspective of politicians and policy-makers is short-term and serves their current political purposes or solving pressing problems. Lack of long-term strategic thinking is an important issue in the decision-making process especially in areas that require long-term planning and action. This is particularly evident in the issues of energy security and climate. Emanation of the problem is on the one hand the scarcity debate on issues related to energy security and climate protection and its weak substantive level. Politicians rather prefer to appeal to the emotions than rely on data and facts. Moreover, they either do not have access to such information or do not feel the need to search for them. This implies the need to intensify communication activities within the group of politicians, decision-makers, journalist and other influencers concerning energy security and climate policy.

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